Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin

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The history

    Pierre Cardin’s Haute Couture workshops were created in 1950, in an attic located at 10, rue Richepanse with only 20,000 francs. These workshops were intended for design of masks and costumes for the theater.

    In 1952, Pierre Cardin launched his first Haute Couture collection. This first attempt has greatly impacted the closed world of Haute Couture and gave his ambitious work visibility at an International level.

    As his Fashion house grew quickly, new spaces were needed, and Pierre Cardin moved to a 6-storey building located at 59, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré where he brought all his activities. To this day, the House of Pierre Cardin creates new Haute Couture pieces every day, preserving the legacy and the DNA of its creator, Mr. Pierre Cardin. You can find them at the Haute Couture boutique downstairs.

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